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Delhi: Shalom HIV & AIDS Clinic

  • Shalom HIV & AIDS Clinic, Delhi

This project has now been completed. We will add an evaluation as soon as we can.

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India: Palliative Care

Shalom HIV & AIDS Clinic exists so that people living with these devastating conditions have somewhere they can go to receive care and compassion.

It serves some of Delhiā€™s most vulnerable people caring for sex workers, those living in slums and members of the transgender community. Through showing Christian love in action the staff at Shalom provide a safe place for people who are so often shut out.

The ten bed clinic is on the north-west edge of Delhi and provides critical and palliative care to people living with HIV, as well as supporting their families and reaching out into the local community. Staff see patients at their time of greatest need, often suffering from secondary infections such as tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Your support ensures that this clinic will be there for people when they need it and that those who come will receive quality care, love and compassion.