Chhatarpur: Protecting Mothers & Babies

Thousands of tiny premature babies in India are dying each year due to a lack of simple, life-saving medical equipment.

In Madhya Pradesh, one of the poorest states in northern India, Christian Hospital Chhatarpur serves some of the country's most vulnerable and under-privileged people.

In order to improve maternal and child health in any location action needs to be taken across a range of issues. These include addressing malnutrition, maternal health during pregnancy, increasing institutional deliveries and increasing services and quality of care available at institutions. This work has been started in Chhatarpur District.

Christian Hospital Chhatarpur is working to encourage more deliveries in hospitals and clinics, provide better care of mothers and children under 5, improve nutrition, and provide training of more Reproductive and Child Health nurses. To ensure this work achieves its goals CHC urgently need to develop their Neonatal ICU and Maternal and Child Health Block. Your support would put an end to 100s of preventable deaths each year.

In the area that CHC serves more than 22,700 births were recorded in 2013; less than 13,600 of these took place in a hospital or clinic.

As a result of the wider work  the number of babies being born in a hospital each year will increase by almost 7,000. That means 7,000 deliveries happening in the care of professionals, with immediate access to the necessary equipment and services needed to give every baby the best chance of surviving their first few critical days. With your help we can make this possible.