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Livingstonia: CMMT Nyanja Health

People in lakeside communities in northern Malawi are among the poorest in the world. 80% of people in this area live on less than a dollar a day. For those who are sick and living in extreme poverty there is little-to-no access to quality healthcare.

Health clinics are in disrepair, there is a chronic shortage of trained healthcare workers and what care is available is beyond the reach of many because it is simply too far and too expensive to travel.

To bring quality healthcare to those who need it most, this project will:

  • Provide 3 ambulances to improve access to hospital for patients living in lakeside villages in 3 north west Lake Malawi districts: Karonga, Rumphi and Nkhata Bay.
  • Purchase an ambulance boat to shorten the present 3-hour boat journey for patients from the Tcharo area – particularly maternity patients
  • Renovate four health centres and a health post which are in poor condition: some, for example, have no running water and most need additional equipment.
  • Support the training of 21 women from lakeside villages to become healthcare staff and return to their villages to improve clinic staffing levels.

These measures will improve health facilities for 50,000 people and access for 200,000. This will have a huge impact on people who are striving to lift themselves out of poverty.

CMlogo.jpgThis project was made possible thanks to the support of Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust.