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Name the new Speedboat Ambulance!

The communities around Lake Malawi are among the poorest in the country. 80% live on less than a dollar a day. Many are sick with very little access to quality healthcare.

The remote location makes access to healthcare almost impossible. There are very few roads and many people have to travel by boat to reach a hospital.

EMMS International wants to bring a lifeline to these lakeside communities by improving access to healthcare, providing a new ambulance speedboat, renovating clinics and training more healthcare workers to serve in the area.

A new ambulance speedboat is being built right now. You can bid to name the boat and help give fast and reliable access to vital healthcare for some of the poorest people in Malawi.

Simply submit your suggested name and bid using the form below by 15th November to be included.

The highest bidder will have the chance to name the boat.

N.B. EMMS reserves the right to make the final judgement.