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Ekwendeni: Training Clinical Officers and Nurse Midwives

In Malawi there is one doctor for every 40,000 people. Healthcare staff are in desperately short supply. Clinical officers and registered nurse midwives are critical to filling this gap in care.

Clinical officers, with three years of medical training, are able to fulfil much of the role of a doctor, including carrying out caesarean sections.

A significant factor affecting maternal health in Malawi is the availability and access to Registered Nurse Midwives. This is particularly significant in a country where 84% of the population live in rural, less accessible areas. Malawi has less than 4 nurse midwives per 10,000 population, lagging behind the southern Africa regional average of more than 9.

Increasing the number of accredited courses, qualified teaching staff, appropriate training facilities and graduating Registered Nurse Midwife and Clinical Officer students, is a priority for the health of the country. Training more national healthcare professionals is vital if Malawi are to tackle high rates of maternal and infant mortality.

EMMS International is working with Ekwendeni College of Health Science in the rural north of the country to address this need.

The Scottish Government has provided funding to develop new courses for nurse midwives and clinical officers.

Your support will provide more than 100 additional healthcare workers each year, by supporting students on these new courses.