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India: Palliative Care

When access to healthcare is so restricted, curative options are quickly exhausted. People are then left fearing the very real prospect of dying in unimaginable pain.

In 2010 it was estimated that 800,000 people in india are diagnosed with incurable cancer each year, and a similar number with other incurable diseases.

Studies suggest only 2% of people have access to the care they need, the healthcare system simply isn’t equipped and the poorest communities are hit hardest. The committed christian healthcare workers and volunteers of this project have been moved by compassion, and dedicated themselves to helping people when they are most vulnerable.

Providing good quality care at the end of life is essential if people are to be given the chance to die with comfort and dignity.

This multi-site project is improving the delivery of palliative care by ensuring:

  • Compassionate and committed staff and volunteers are given the skills and resources they require to meet peoples needs.
  • Care includes patients and their families, throughout the illness and following death.
  • Care meets all needs: physical, spiritual, emotional and social.
  • Hospitals are equipped to provide critical care when required.

This project is currently meeting the needs of people across India. Home care visits and in-patient care are provided by each of the following hospitals:

  • Madhipura Christian Hospital, Madhepura, Bihar
  • Duncan Hospital, Raxaul, Bihar
  • GM Priya Hospital, Dapegaon, Maharashtra
  • Fathepur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Utraula
  • Chhatarpur