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Malawi: Health Empowerment

ISABEL (Improved Services for AIDS & Basic healthcare through Empowerment & Local democracy)

Malawi faces crippling health challenges that prevent people from lifting themselves out of poverty. It is essential that the people of Malawi have the means to shape the healthcare they are given so that it meets their needs and to hold the government and health providers to account.

Through empowering local communities to organise effective village health committees this project will ensure communities get the health services they need.

The planned objectives for this project are to:

  • Increase the number of people accessing health centres and mobile clinics and, where appropriate, being referred to hospital.
  • Improve care for people with HIV by ensuring more people know their HIV status, and people living with HIV are receiving the care they need.
  • See village health committees effectively influence national health policies and budget allocation.

This project incorporates and builds upon the work of earlier projects:

Mziche: Delivering life without HIV

Nkhoma: Essential Healthcare

Mulanje: Primary Healthcare