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Malawi: Rural Palliative Care

  • Every Life Matters

This project aims to help almost 10,000 families to get access to good quality, holistic palliative care and ensure they get the food they need to stay strong and healthy.

More than 80% of Malawi's population lives in rural areas and many in, particularly hard-to-reach communities. As a result quality healthcare is often out of reach, especially for those with chronic, long-term illnesses like cancer.

Good quality, holistic palliative care means that patients get the medical support they need but also that they and their families get the wider emotional spiritual and practical support they need too.

Food is often an issue for poor communities in Malawi and this is made worse when families are having to deal with the burdens of care for loved ones also. Through helping families grow their own food, this project ensures that patients have the nutrition needed to remain strong and rebuild their health.