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Annual Report 2020-21: A year like no other?

We're pleased to bring you the latest EMMS International Annual Report. It is a testament to your generosity and the hard work of frontline healthcare workers. Thank you.

An introduction from our outgoing Chair of Trustees:

Last year was not the year any of us had imagined. Plans were changed, put on hold or cancelled altogether. “A year like no other” quickly became something of a mantra when life changed significantly as the world responded to the coronavirus pandemic. For our healthcare partners, coronavirus was just the latest emergency stretching an already overburdened healthcare system. For the communities they serve, it was another hurdle to overcoming the cycle of sickness and poverty.

While this wasn’t the year we had planned for, we were delighted that your generosity helped tackle the hardships of the pandemic. Your support has been a lifeline in the year behind us. It has been a source of hope and encouragement to frontline healthcare workers, providing emergency responses to the pandemic while, at the same time, strengthening local healthcare systems to be ready for further crises.

In a year of challenges, the Every Girl Matters appeal was a pinnacle of kindness and generosity and we look forward to all that will be achieved through the Sunita programme in Nepal over the years to come.

While normality may be returning for some of us, the pandemic is far from over in the communities we serve, where other healthcare challenges have gone unchanged or even worsened. Your continued prayerful support therefore remains vital in the years ahead.

Thank you!

Angus McLeod

Chair of Trustees


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