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Global Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare Career Pathways 

The global healthcare crisis demands bold and urgent action. EMMS International has launched an ambitious fundraising drive to recruit, train and find sustainable employment for a further 300 healthcare professionals to help address skills shortages in hospitals and healthcare centres.


The programme will especially target vulnerable women and girls, providing them with a rare opportunity to gain a profession and pursue their own dreams. Comfort is a nurse midwife technician in Malawi and an alumna of EMMS-sponsored training. She explains:

Firstly, if it was not for EMMS International, I could not have been where I am today. You took me at the time I needed help most in my life. I was hopeless that I wouldn’t make it this far because my parents could not manage to provide the much-needed financial support to complete my studies. You took me and treated me as your own daughter by providing everything a student needed.

Comfort, Nurse Midwife Technician

Having completed her training, Comfort now works in a community health facility close to home. Her presence improves access to healthcare and also gives her the opportunity to earn a living and inspire future generations who rarely see young, female role models.


A Vision to Build the Global Healthcare Workforce

By 2028, EMMS International aims to boost and develop the healthcare workforce across Malawi, Nepal and India by providing access to the pathway to 300 potential healthcare professionals. Learning from operating small-scale scholarship schemes like the one that supported Christina Mkandawire has shown EMMS that scholarship access alone is not always enough. EMMS has developed the Healthcare Pathway to increase successful outcomes for the most disenfranchised women and girls.


What's Involved

The process identifies barriers and seeks to overcome these by providing a range of supportive measures to encourage vulnerable women and girls to continue in further education. This can include access to English language training, course fees, and essentials such as books, learning tools, accommodation and food, throughout their studies.

Help Support the Healthcare Career Pathway

Laura Brown, Director of Fundraising and Communications at EMMS International, explains the

urgent need for support:

“We must act now to address the urgent need for more doctors, nurses and medical staff. For just £3,500, we can recruit, train and find a job for a future healthcare professional. Together we can make a difference.”


Your support is vital to making the Healthcare Career Pathway a reality. You can play your part by making a special gift or helping raise funds.

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Duncan Centenary Vision

EMMS International is raising funds to drastically improve healthcare infrastructure, health education facilities, and health services at our partner, The Duncan Hospital . The visionary project provides sustainable solutions to the many challenges faced by the hospital.

Serving an extremely poor population from Bihar state and the Nepal border area, the hospital provides essential healthcare, prioritising the needs of the most vulnerable people including women and girls, people with non-communicable diseases, people with chronic illness or infectious diseases and children under 5.

College of Nursing

By reaching out to its surrounding communities, The Duncan Hospital in Bihar, India, helps girls who might otherwise be denied access to healthcare, to get the care they require.

Many young girls in Bihar state are married as young as twelve. With poor healthcare already a reality, pregnancy and childbirth expose them to unnecessary risk when quality maternity care isn’t available. Females are also often forced to leave work and education to care for relatives, meaning their poverty becomes further entrenched.

With your help, we're building a new college of nursing and accommodation for 200 students at The Duncan Hospital and we will train new healthcare professionals through our Healthcare Career Pathways.

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