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Corporate Partnerships

Scotland's oldest international healthcare charity

EMMS International is recognised internationally as Scotland’s most established healthcare charity. Founded in 1841, it has a rich history and wealth of experience in delivering transformative healthcare projects. That work is made possible by voluntary donations and strategic partnerships.

By partnering with EMMS International your company can help. Our work today is seen as progressive, visionary and sustainable as our focus seeks to help others help themselves. Your partnership with EMMS International enables us to do the hard work of building healthcare systems in remote and under-served communities. It means we can commit to the long-term process of training future generations of doctors and nurses. It means, that when disaster strikes, our partners are better prepared and can quickly respond where the need is greatest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EMMS International can support you in meeting your corporate social responsibility goals. Whether you have an established CSR programme or are looking to develop one, we can work together to develop a partnership that works for you and your stakeholders.

Employee Engagement

72% of graduates claim they are seeking a job where they can make an impact. A partnership with EMMS International can help improve employee engagement by working together to make a positive global impact.

Cause-related Marketing

EMMS International is a trusted brand with a global reach. EMMS International initiatives extend to tackling the effects of climate change, empowering vulnerable women into healthcare careers, reaching the most marginalised and responding to global injustices in healthcare. We will work with you to create an innovative campaign to engage customers, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Events and Communications

EMMS International has a number of regular publications and high-profile events which offer a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to help you raise the profile of your organisation.

Corporate Partnership Portfolio

EMMS Internation has produced this Corporate Partnership Portfolio to introduce you to its work and help you think through how a partnership would work for your business.

Continue the Conversation

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