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Don't come, dine with me

About the Event

During the month of May we're asking you to turn not going out into a social event and help raise money for health workers fighting COVID-19 on the frontline in Malawi, Nepal and India. Fundraising events by our generous EMMS International community provide a lifeline to healthcare workers and poor communities. This is needed now, possibly more than ever.

However, coming together physically isn't possible right now, so we'd like to extend an invitation to you to host a virtual get together. The food, friendship and conversation are all real! We're asking you to turn a video call and meal into a special event and help raise vital funds for our emergency COVID-19 appeal.

How it works

Download PDF • 132KB

1. Set a date and the menu Agree a date and time with your family and friends. You could all prepare the same menu. Why not add to the fun by challenging each other to use obscure ingredients! 2. Set the table and the technology Tablecloths, glasses and the 'good plates'!  Use your video chat of choice to dine together virtually. Or do whatever you're comfortable with - if that's sharing pictures and talking on the phone, or a video chat afterwards, that's fine! 3. Get dressed up and enjoy your meal 4. Make a donation Make a donation to help frontline workers at 5. Share! Encourage your friends to host their own 'Don't come, dine with me' dinner by sharing pictures on social media.  Don't forget to tag EMMS International!


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