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Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Thank you so much for considering leaving a gift to EMMS International in your will. We understand that this is a very personal decision and the information available here aims to help you make the right choice for you.

Your will makes sure your loved ones are looked after and that the causes that matter most to you are remembered too. Having a will and keeping it up to date makes sure that your estate is shared in line with your wishes and without ambiguity. 

You could make leaving a legacy of health and hope part of your will. EMMS International works with trusted local partners across Scotland, Malawi, Nepal and India to give access to quality healthcare where it is needed most.  

Cervical Cancer Patient-1003.jpg

Your support means people always have a caring place to turn to in their hour of need.

Our promise to you

We will use your gift carefully.

We always endeavour to be good stewards of the gifts that are given to us so that they have the greatest impact.

We will protect your privacy.

A will is a very personal document and we don’t expect you to share your decision with us.

We will respect your wishes.

We understand that there are family, friends and other causes that are dear to you. You can change your will at any time.

A gift in your will allows us to do the hard work of building healthcare systems in remote and underserved communities. It means we can commit to the long-term process of training future generations of doctors and nurses. It means when disaster strikes, our partners are better prepared and can quickly respond where the need is greatest. 

All of this goes to say a gift to EMMS International will have a lasting impact on the lives of others. We give you our promise to use your gift wisely and carefully to share health and hope with as many people as possible.

Request your guide to leaving a gift in your will. Thanks for your consideration.

Thanks for your consideration! We've sent your guide by email and will respond to your enquiry soon.

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