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EMMS International's inaugural Global Women in Healthcare Awards, held in association with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, will mark International Women’s Day 2024 and celebrate the global impact of women working in healthcare.

EMMS  strives to promote equality and opportunity. Our Healthcare Career Pathway supports vulnerable women into vital roles in medicine. They undertake medical degrees, BScs in Nursing and other healthcare subjects, and career development courses ranging from laboratory medical technology to palliative care. 


The Awards recognise the value of women in all roles who contribute to better health within their communities and beyond, and celebrate professionals who are dedicated to their work in health and healthcare and strive for excellence. The winners will be announced at the Elsie Inglis Charity Ball  at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on Saturday 9th March 2024.

Award Categories

Nominations are now closed and the winners will be announced at the Elsie Inglis Charity Ball on 9th March. You can read about the shortlisted nominees hereKeep an eye on our website for entry details for the 2025 Global Women in Healthcare Awards.

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The Dr. Elsie Inglis Award 

Championing sex equality in the medical profession.
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The Rising Star Award 

Demonstrating great potential and dedication to a career in healthcare.

The Outstanding Leader Award 

Supporting other women in their healthcare careers.
Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

The Health Tech Award 

Championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.  


EMMS International is dedicated to improving healthcare in the most hard-to-reach areas in Nepal, Malawi and India. By supporting women within those communities to gain healthcare qualifications, we are reducing the impact of sex inequality while promoting academic study and developing sustainable care for the most vulnerable families. We have supported women to enter the healthcare profession and celebrated medical excellence for over a century. By 2028 we aim for our Healthcare Career Pathway to have provided this opportunity to a further 300 women.

The countries in which we work face critical shortages of health workers. According to World Bank data, the number of nurses/midwives per 1,000 patients in the UK is 10.3. By contrast it is only 0.4 in Malawi, 3.3 in Nepal, and 2.4 in India. One of the best ways we can remain focused on women’s health, equality and opportunity, is by increasing the number of women, and in particular financially vulnerable women, in healthcare leadership positions. The World Health Organization states:

"The financial value of women’s input into (global) health systems is estimated to be over US$3 trillion annually. Yet women’s contributions to health and the health labour market remain markedly undervalued. Women in health tend to be clustered into lower status, low paid, and often unpaid roles. Sustainable development needs to better value women’s contributions to population’s physical, social and mental wellbeing... Gender equity is key to building resilient health systems and gender transformative health and social care policies are key to achieving gender equality globally."

Our Healthcare Career Pathways build and sustain a dedicated and highly-educated healthcare workforce. It makes use of our unique international partnerships and expert knowledge of healthcare systems in poor, hard-to-reach communities to identify specific gaps in local health work forces.

The Awards will be presented at the Elsie Inglis Charity Ball at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on 9th March 2024

Sponsoring the Global Women in Healthcare Awards

By sponsoring our awards, you will be aligning with Scotland’s longest serving,  internationally respected healthcare charity while championing women who are dedicated to a career in the medical field.  Our awards celebrate women's achievements, recognise their contribution to global healthcare and highlight the importance of supporting medical academic study across all communities.

To find out more about our Sponsorship opportunities, please download our Sponsorship Pack or contact

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