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Hawthorn Brae Breaks

EMMS International has entered into an exciting new partnership with VOCAL Edinburgh to purchase and equip a holiday cottage to provide short breaks for people being cared for who live in Edinburgh.


'Hawthorn Brae Holidays' continue indefinitely the legacy of care provided by the Hawthorn Brae Trust. With the donation of this historic and significant fund, VOCAL will purchase and equip holiday accommodation for short breaks for people being cared for, their families and their carers.

Edinburgh Respite Holidays

An opportunity for cared-for people and their carers to be together in a different environment is vital to their physical and mental health. Thus this fund comes full circle to become again a house for breaks for those “requiring rest and quiet, pure air and good food”, just as was intended when the benefactor bequeathed her house to Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society in the nineteenth century.

Dr Cathy Ratcliff, CEO of EMMS International said:

“We’re delighted to gift this historic Hawthorn Brae fund to VOCAL as we embark on a new partnership which will double the number of people who will benefit from much needed short breaks.”

Sebastian Fischer, Chief Executive of VOCAL said:

EMMS International and VOCAL share a vision to work globally and locally for better health and wellbeing for people with care needs and their carers. This is a great partnership to help those in greatest need and builds on the best of our traditions in Scotland.

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