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Euan's Go The Distance Challenge

I am Euan, Fundraising Manager with EMMS International, and I have just completed the “Go the distance Malawi challenge 2022”. So just in case you are not aware, this is a fundraising challenge to support EMMS current appeal to “create a climate of change for girls” in Malawi. The challenge involves cycling the equivalent length of Lake Malawi (360 miles) or climbing the height of Mount Mulanje (3002 metres) in a month.

Now I only started with EMMS in August 2021, and whilst trying to recruit participants for challenges, I always feel that I can’t expect people to participate in something that I wouldn’t do myself. So, in my infinite wisdom, I signed up, not to take on one challenge but both.

I am going to be honest. I am 45 years old, occasionally play football (in goals), I like a wee cycle (occasionally) and I feel I have adapted well to the dad bod since the birth of my first daughter 24 years ago. So, this was a massive challenge for me. The journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. Full of trips, slips, falls and fun.

Having started the challenge on January 1st, I have now completed the 360-mile cycle and climbed over 3002 metres. Instead of passing Hippo and Elephants on the River Shire in Malawi, I have spotted sheep, cows, and the number 37 bus. I have cycled in the freezing cold, blowing gales, and pouring rain. I have experienced falling off my bike on the tram tracks on Princes Street (not recommended) and sliding down the Pentland hills for fun. I even attempted to record a video at the summit of the Pentlands, which is not the easiest thing to do in 70mph winds. But the toughest part was climbing Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh ten times in two days to complete my climbing challenge.

However, I have loved every minute, I am more focused than I have been for a long time, and I am feeling fitter than I have for a while. But the best thing is knowing that my month-long journey has not only benefitted me personally but will help to bring hope to girls and young women living in Malawi. The hope of a better, brighter future.

If you would like to support me on my journey, you can do so here. Any donations would be amazing, or it is not too late to join me and take part in the challenge, which you can do here:

This was the biggest challenge I have ever taken part in, and the memories will last a long time, maybe not as long as the dad bod, though, which I have accepted is here to stay. 😊

God bless



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