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Who we are


A just world in which all people have access to good quality and dignified healthcare.


Following the example of Jesus Christ, we work with partners in some of the poorest communities of the world to transform lives through compassionate, effective and sustainable healthcare.


We are Faithful

Christian faith is at the heart of what we do: loving God and loving others. All we do is underpinned by respect, the value of all human life and the desire to bring love, compassion and hope to all people without exception.


We are Empowering

We help people reach their full potential, recognising and encouraging each other's strengths and gifts. Guided by one another's needs and shared aims, we provide mutual support to be successful, through advice, development opportunities, clear roles and regular feedback.


We are Encouraging

We build strong partnerships with all stakeholders, working together to overcome challenges and constraints. We encourage one another through prayer and positive support. We are open, honest and respectful.


We are Accountable

We are good stewards of resources entrusted to us. We take responsibility for our actions. We meet our commitments and responsibilities to stakeholders.

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