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We believe that every life matters and that the actions we take today can affect lives for years to come. Providing access to vital healthcare services, education and support which help girls in Malawi to make safe, healthy choices can give strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Tamanda was forced to drop out of school at 15 years old when her family couldn’t manage the cost of school fees. Then, COVID closed schools and removed any hope of returning to the classroom. She became pregnant, part of a rising tide of teenage pregnancies during the pandemic, fuelled by school closures and economic pressures.

Malawi ranks 
7th in the world 
for teenage pregnancy rates

Pregnancy locks girls in Malawi into a cycle of poverty, preventing them from completing school and pursuing their hopes for the future.

Despite being supportive of Tamanda throughout the pregnancy, when her beautiful baby girl arrived, the father left and married another girl. Determined to provide for her baby daughter, Tamanda went house to house, covering long distances to find work. Nothing. Life looked bleak for Tamanda and her child.

Around the same time, Tamanda joined a youth club run by EMMS International’s local partner, Mulanje Mission Hospital. Here, she found support and strength for each day. Her peers would fundraise amongst themselves and bring her parcels of soap and other household items to help her care for herself and her baby. Perhaps more importantly, they offered friendship in her time of need.


£12 trains a Youth Club Chair to build a safe and supportive community

“They encouraged me not to lose hope and helped me think of ideas on how to live my life,” explained Tamanda. This led to her joining a vocational skills programme run by Mulanje Mission and made possible by support like yours. She is learning welding and metalwork and plans to set up her own business. She’s determined to do all that she can to provide for her family.

“I want to have my own business. I want to use the money to help my family. When my trade increases, I want to help my friends into business too.” Tamanda has a vision for the future, bright hope for her family and her community. Your support can help make that vision a reality and break the cycle of hopelessness for girls like Tamanda.​


“I want to have my own business. I want to use the money to help my family. ”

Please join us in helping girls like Tamanda, who desperately need to find strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

A gift of £6 trains two “ankolozolo” (initiation guardians) to help protect girls’ health and futures. Our local partners are working hard with their communities to tackle the root causes of teenage pregnancy. Traditional leaders, "ankolozolo" (initiation guardians) and church leaders are being trained to advocate for girls' protection and rights and share current information on sexual and reproductive health.


A gift of £12 provides leadership training for a Youth Club Chair so they can create safe and supportive environments for their peers. Girls like Tamanda have a right to access youth-friendly health services and peer support. Youth Clubs are increasingly popular and provide effective peer mentor networks which help girls and boys make more informed relationship choices. Youth Club Chairs need to be trained in leadership skills to help them run clubs that address girls’ rights.

A gift of £150 helps a girl stay in school and complete her education. Your support can help break the cycle of poverty for girls like Tamanda and give them bright hope for the future. Giving girls the opportunity to stay in or return to school and providing vocational skills training gives girls a brighter outlook for the future.


Strength for today and BRIGHT HOPE
for tomorrow

Another way to really make a difference is by setting up a regular gift. It helps EMMS continue to provide life-changing support for girls like Tamanda, it enables more teenagers in Malawi to know how to make wise choices and complete their schooling. It builds caring communities of support around these teens. It's simple and easy to set one up below and you can review your giving at any time.


Tamanda's determination and the support she has received from Mulanje Mission Hospital mean she has bright hope for tomorrow. Life is not easy, but she is working hard to create a better future for herself and her daughter. She is determined to help her peers too and with your support, together we can ensure more girls have strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

My SINGLE GIFT to give bright hope for tomorrow

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