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Emergency Appeal: Malawi Food Crisis


Freyadi is 82, a great age in Malawi, but now he can only watch as his family goes hungry. He lives with his daughter and four of his grandchildren including two girls under five and a grandson who is disabled.

Extreme floods and prolonged drought have crippled food supplies across Malawi and neighbouring countries.


Families like Freyadi's need your help. Freyadi is just asking for enough food to keep his family going.

His main fear isn't his own health, but that of his granddaughters. He knows that malnourishment leads to stunting, the result of which can scar them for a lifetime. If left under nourished they will fail to thrive, hampering their education and the opportunity to one day lift themselves out of poverty.

Thanks to Mulanje Mission Hospital, Freyadi's family are getting food to fight off the hunger. We need your help so that more families get the food that they need, so that no parent or grandparent has to watch as their family go hungry.

Please pray for the people of Malawi and for those responding, and make a gift today to stop the hunger.


The people of Malawi are facing a food crisis. More than 6.5 million people are going hungry, many not even knowing when they will eat next.

Desperate to feed their families, people are spending days travelling to markets and queuing for food. Yet they come home empty-handed because there just isn’t enough food to go around.

It costs just £36 to feed a family of 6 for three months. Act now and your donation will be doubled by the Scottish Government.

Extreme weather has wiped out crops. Devastating floods, followed by erratic rains and prolonged drought have crippled the country’s food supplies.

When hunger strikes the poorest and most vulnerable are hit first and hardest.

Your support would help the most vulnerable, particularly orphans, people living with disabilities or HIV, prisoners and the elderly.

The government of Malawi has declared a national emergency and, along with our partners, is asking for help. Mphatso Nguluwe, director of Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme (LISAP) explains:

“Imagine, homes, crops and all that people had is gone. Some people have also lost their lives. Disease is looming and there is a poor harvest this year even without the floods. This means the food crisis in the country will continue into next year.”

How you can help

Your support will help 3,350 vulnerable people get the food they need to see themselves through this crisis by:

  • Providing monthly food to households
  • Helping farmers to grow what they can
  • Building grain stores to protect valuable crops for the difficult months to come

You will be supporting Mulanje Mission Hospital, Nkhoma Mission Hospital and LISAP to respond to the needs of their communities.

Double Your Impact

In recognition of the strong relationship between our two countries, the Scottish Government will double every pound you give* before October 31st 2016. This means your gift can feed twice as many people affected by this food crisis in Malawi.

*Up to at least £50,000 on public donations received. Any money raised over the project target will be used to fund our non-emergency health work in Malawi, delivered through the same project partners.