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Nobody should be forgotten about

In the midst of the world's current crises and conflicts, it is crucial not to forget those who were already isolated and vulnerable, desperately requiring food, shelter, and healthcare—both locally and globally. In a world that aspires for peace and humanity, we implore you to extend peace of mind to individuals grappling with disease and isolation. Even as we pray for global peace, some of the world's poorest people are fervently urging "don't forget about me".

Supporting the Most Vulnerable in Malawi

Imagine a life where clean water is a luxury. In Malawi, this is the reality for one in three people. We must not forget them.


With your previous generous support, we have already supported the renovation of rural health centres and provided clean water and sanitation for doctors, midwives, nurses, and their patients. But there’s so much more to do. The current heatwave, high humidity and water shortages mean people are even more vulnerable to disease. Your donation could bring clean water to many more health centres, transforming lives and ensuring a healthier future. 

For those in hard-to-reach areas with chronic illnesses, access to care is even more challenging. Providing palliative care, support, resources, and healthcare education is essential to enhance the quality of care and promote the well-being of the most marginalised families. 


Dementia and Cancer Care in Nepal

In Pokhara, Nepal, Hartaj faces the dual challenges of battling stomach cancer and dementia. As time passed, the disheartening effects of dementia led to confusion, anxiety, and fear, causing him to feel increasingly isolated and lonely. Unable to comprehend his cancer symptoms and treatment, Hartaj began to forget his own life and those he cherished.

However, in the midst of this challenging journey, Hartaj was not forgotten by our partner's Palliative Care Team in Nepal. With years of acquaintance, their holistic care approach formed deep and lasting bonds with Hartaj.

The team visited Hartaj at his home, a safe and familiar space where his memories were close by. To reconnect him with his past and loved ones, our partner hospital facilitated virtual meetings with relatives far away and played his favourite music, bringing him moments of pleasure. This thoughtful intervention allowed Hartaj to relive joyous memories, even as his present grew increasingly dim and challenging.

Despite the care from a neighbouring family, the worsening dementia made it difficult for Hartaj to manage living alone at home. Recognizing this, the team supported him in transferring to a care home, ensuring his safety and well-being.

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Your gift of £48 can ensure that people like Hartaj are not forgotten and receive the best possible care.

Your support means patients and families living in poverty and facing difficult situations will be remembered when others forget. Your kindness means they will receive the love, care, and humanitarian support they deserve. 

Dementia and the UK Social Care Crisis

We haven’t forgotten that the cost-of-living crisis is seriously affecting families in the UK, where dementia is causing isolation and loneliness. At the age of 78, Albert was diagnosed with vascular dementia. He says,


“I was isolated at home on my own and this didn’t help with worrying and overthinking. I was worried about my future and how I would cope. I felt that I had nowhere to turn.”


Now Albert has the support of a Day Service in the UK, which has helped him to find ways to feel like himself again:


“I am now connected within my community and have made lots of new friends. I can stay at home for longer. I’m happy and enjoying life again. My outlook has changed so much since my diagnosis, all because of the Day Service that I attend.”

With our partner in the UK, EMMS International is helping to light up lives and bring joy today when memories have faded. But right at this moment, there are people with dementia who are going without decent meals or professional care at home. Some family carers report they are skipping meals to make ends meet. Families are being pushed further into poverty to give their loved ones the care they require. 

With your help today, we can quickly provide healthy meals and social activities to enhance lives, addressing feelings of loneliness, isolation and fear. By making a gift of £24, or whatever you can afford, you can help bring joy by bringing people with dementia together for food, fun and laughter. 

Your gift of £24 could help buy a meal for people like Albert and his carer.

Behind the crises that catch our attention are people like Hartaj in Nepal and Albert in the UK who would say, “Don’t forget about me.” Please join us in creating a peaceful world for those who feel forgotten and isolated. As our partners in Nepal say, “Let us all unite to create a world with a compassionate community and spread love”.  

Please donate so that those with dementia and other diseases don't feel forgotten.

You can donate:

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  • By calling 0131 313 3828

  • By posting a cheque, payable to "EMMS International" to EMMS International, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY

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