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EMMS International Makes Ground-Breaking Progress in Palliative Care

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Since April 2022, 1,048 individuals have been trained to address unmet palliative care needs in their communities.

"EMMS International is excited to share news with you of our global palliative care projects – generously supported by you – which are enabling individuals, families, our partners and dedicated health care practitioners to make every day matter in the most inspiring of ways.” Cathy Ratcliff, EMMS International CEO and Director of International Programmes

The newly issued August 2023 edition of our newspaper, 'The Global News', features EMMS International’s ground-breaking progress in palliative care.

Improving the quality of life for patients with life-limiting illnesses is a primary focus of EMMS International. It is our core belief that nobody should spend a day experiencing pain and abandonment, however close to the end of their life they have become. This is why we have become specialists in introducing palliative care programmes, to support patients and their families to make every day matter and to live each day with dignity.

Read 'The Global News' here:

The Global News - August 2023
Download PDF • 13.87MB


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