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Care Through the Crisis

Care cannot stop in a crisis. Our partners in palliative care have worked even harder during the pandemic. They have been continually adapting their services to the ebb and flow of COVID-19 restrictions.

Over the last year and a half, it might have seemed like global health is measured by coronavirus statistics alone. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In the shadow of the pandemic, other diseases and health crises have not disappeared. In fact, progress made in the fight against HIV, TB and malaria is at risk of being lost. In addition, those who are living with non-communicable diseases have faced even more obstacles getting the care they need and deserve.

Luna’s Life Matters

“Luna” and her husband have known a great deal of hardship in their lives. They live in a slum area of Pokhara, Nepal. Their two sons died from drug-related problems, and Luna turned to alcohol to cope with depression. Some years ago, she had a stroke which led to paralysis. A neighbour told them about Green Pastures Hospital, and Luna was admitted by the palliative care team for rehabilitation, which improved her ability to walk and feed herself.

Luna was discharged for follow-up care at home. A GPH community nurse reflects, “I remember when I visited their room - the small dark room was empty except for one bed in a very poor condition but still this husband and wife looked happy”. Her husband lovingly takes care of her and their household chores. They have struggled with little money for food, medicine and other necessities.

Your support meant that the GPH palliative care team could support her treatment costs and, working with the local community, provide materials to improve their home. They are very

happy and grateful, saying this had “brought colours of happiness and joy in their hearts and lives”. The team also provided blankets, warm clothes for the cold winter, food supplies, and

other basic necessities. Luna’s husband learned about practical care so that he can continue to care for her and he received emotional and psychological support too.

Love and compassion have made a difference, and they look much happier than they did before. Luna continues to improve and is committed to her exercises. Your support helps the PC team to provide ongoing care through home visits and regular phone calls, a lifeline during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Continuing the Care

Your support over the past year has helped our partners in Nepal. India and Malawi to adapt their services so they can continue caring through the crisis. You can see how your kindness has made a difference in our latest Annual Report.

The pandemic is far from over, especially for resource-poor countries which have face an uphill battle to source and distribute vaccinations. Your continued prayerful support will share hope for those facing sickness and poverty in the shadow of the pandemic.


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