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Share hope in this
time of crisis

This appeal has now closed. We continue to work with our partners as they respond to COVID-19 and the other healthcare challenges facing their communities. Your support is vital.

A doctor’s cries for help


Dr Prabhu’s own words from Duncan Hospital in Bihar, north India during the last wave of cases:


“Many are dying in the hundreds and thousands, and I have seen it in person. 


We are in a terrible state. I'm inundated with people asking for beds and saddened to have to turn them away. I just hope and pray that this calamity ends soon. Do keep us in your prayers. Most of us are mentally and physically drained.”


This is the reality of the covid crisis. With the numbers of those vaccinated still low, our partners are staying prepared for the next wave.

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Fighting for breath in Bihar

When cases were at their peak, oxygen was in short supply. Should there be a future spike in cases, Dr Prabhu is determined to have oxygen supplies for patients who are fighting for breath:


“People still come in large numbers, and we have over 30 patients on Oxygen, some even requiring about 15litres/ min. There is immense pressure on our oxygen-producing plant. It wasn’t built to produce so much Oxygen at such a continuous rate. We stop the plant for 2 hours every day to let it cool down. We are really concerned that the O2 plant may stop altogether. We can’t risk managing with this alone, we’ve stepped out in faith to begin installing a new plant, but we urgently need your support to make this happen.”


Please share hope and help avoid a future crisis by providing vital oxygen supplies for patients at Duncan Hospital. Your gift of £50 will help purchase new oxygen concentrators; 6 gifts of £10,000 will secure the oxygen supply at the hospital.

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Nepal’s COVID Crisis

Across the border in Nepal, as the last wave of cases broke out. Dr Russell wrote from Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara:


“With rapidly escalating cases, hospitals here have very little bed capacity and are refusing admissions. It will be increasingly difficult to transfer our disabled or leprosy patients as needed to designated COVID hospitals. Meantime, we continue normal services as much as possible during a lockdown amidst the increased risks and challenges. We are trying to fast-track having our new Palliative Care building operational and ready for the impending crisis.”


Please share hope and help avoid a future crisis by ensuring Green Pastures Hospital can continue to care for all patients. Your gift will help them prepare for future COVID-19 cases and ensure their other patients get the care they deserve too. £15 keeps a clinical worker safe with a protective suit.


A lifeline in lockdown


In both India and Nepal, lockdowns have hit poorer communities hard. While vital in stopping the spread of coronavirus, lockdown is a painful experience for those living in poverty. Without daily work, there is no food to put on the table.


Please share hope and help avoid a future crisis by helping us prepare for any future emergency responses. Your gift will provide food and household supplies to those who need them most. £80 - provides food for four vulnerable families.

My gift of hope​​


Will you respond to the calls for help from frontline healthcare workers? While vaccines continue to be in short supply, our partners are staying prepared for future waves of COVID-19 cases. Please donate to help them avoid a future crisis. Please continue to pray for hope also.

You can share the hope with a single gift using the form below. If you'd like to commit to a regular gift to bring health and hope through the pandemic and beyond you can do so here.

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