UK Aid Match Funding Delayed

The global pandemic has changed so much over the last 18 months, many of our hopes and plans have had to be set aside. While we’re no longer surprised by the need to be adaptable, that doesn’t mean missed events aren’t hugely disappointing.

Sadly, the pressure on government funding has led to painful decisions about UK aid spending. At EMMS International, we’re grateful that the UK government has reiterated its promise to match donations to the Every Girl Matters appeal. However, this funding will now be delayed.

For EMMS International and our partners, INF Nepal, the delay and uncertainty are as serious as a cut to funding. Particularly during the pressures of responding to the continued covid crisis. Mr Krishna Adhikari, Executive Director of INF Nepal writes:

"The unexpected delay in funding will affect our service delivery as we will struggle to keep even baseline services going, although EMMS International has kindly said that they will support from their reserves. Without this, the number of people helped would be zero this year, but with EMMS support we shall keep our palliative care unit going. Other new initiatives that seek to improve palliative care access to rural areas and give particularly girl carers more options to continue their education will, however, be delayed until the project can start."

Painful Delays

We understand that our governments are having to make incredibly difficult decisions. We all feel the pressures brought about by the global pandemic. However, some are far more vulnerable to these pressures and the impact of the decisions being made.

If the delay goes ahead, then many palliative care patients and their families in rural Nepal who should have benefitted from this project starting in July won’t benefit from planned improvements in specialist care.

This is because these patients will die before they can receive access to improved care which relieves pain, reduces poverty and allows young girl carers to stay in school.