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We all want to enjoy life to the full. 

Sadly, life can’t be lived to the full for many people living in the world’s poorest communities. Our fight against diseases faces being lost amid the global cost of living and climate crises. Together we are fighting to quickly stop the spread of diseases and save lives.  We’re asking you to help us STOP THE SPREAD today.

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Climate change is fuelling the spread of diseases such as malaria, ebola and dengue fever.

You can help change that.

Right now, EMMS International is responding and providing care to those affected by cholera, leprosy, HIV/AIDS and many more diseases spreading in the wake of the pandemic, growing poverty, and natural disasters. With your help, we can protect and save lives from diseases taking a worrying grip in Malawi, Nepal, and India.

Urgent action is needed to end Leprosy in Nepal, a devastatingly stubborn disease, pushing its victims into further poverty and a life of suffering. 

We are working with our partners in Nepal to detect and eradicate leprosy, a devastating disease which plunges the already vulnerable into further poverty and a life of suffering. We're helping control the worst ever cholera outbreak in Malawi, made worse by the ravages of Cyclone Freddy.

Whether during emergencies like Cyclone Freddy or in the chronic hardship of poverty, it is essential that we act quickly to stop the spread of disease and protect lives.

We urgently need to do more to help save more lives. With your help we could detect, treat and care for more patients who need our help because of diseases like TB, Malaria, and HIV. A donation from you could help stop the spread today.

Your gift can help EMMS International and its partners in Malawi, India and Nepal to stop the spread of disease by providing access to clean water, training more healthcare workers, and improving infection detection and control. Together we can stop the spread so that people can enjoy full lives, free of the burden of disease.


The world is not on target to cut TB, malaria and HIV infections and meet Sustainable Development Goal targets by 2030.

You can help change that.

Your gift can help stop the spread of disease and save lives.

You can donate:

  • Online, using the form below

  • Through bank transfer to Account No: 06 00 06 68 Sort Code: 80-02-28
    (please include your name and postcode as a reference).

  • By calling 0131 313 3828

  • By posting a cheque, payable to "EMMS International" to EMMS International, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY

My gift to stop the spread

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