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The Perfect Storm

Global Health Crisis

Special Appeal

A ‘perfect storm’ is wreaking havoc worldwide and it’s even more devastating for people living in poverty.


The crises that grip our headlines - conflict, cost of living, climate change and coronavirus are bearing down on resource-poor countries and putting decades of development progress at risk.

While headlines focus on the impact close to home, this perfect storm is also having a devastating impact in the countries where we work and our ability to help when it’s needed most. Hear from frontline voices and show your support by making a gift to help weather the storm.

Partner Perspectives

We have witnessed how fragile our human lives are to these crises. We have experienced that conflict in one region contributes to hunger in another, and that environmental degradation and unsustainable consumption patterns threaten the lives and livelihoods of all.

Krishna Adhikari, Nepal

"The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all many painful lessons. The greatest tragedy would be not to learn them. Now is the time to make the bold changes that must be made to keep future generations safer." - Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General

Now is the time to act. These crises show us that our health and wellbeing are linked around the world. We are facing the pandemic, changing climate and rising costs together. However we don't all have the same resources to weather this storm. The ongoing battles against sickness and poverty continue in the communities where we work, but EMMS International and its local partners are under increasing pressure.

The financial impact of this perfect storm is driving up healthcare costs at the same time as health services are seeing greater demand. Rising fuel costs alone mean traveling to hospital is unafforadable for many. Poor harvests and rising food costs mean essential nutrition is compromised. With your support EMMS International and its partners can continue to help people weather this storm - improving healthcare facilities, training more healthcare workers and making healthcare more accessible.

By making a one-off gift today, you can help thousands of the world’s most vulnerable people at a time when the costs of medical supplies are rocketing and currencies are being devalued.

Alternatively, a regular gift helps us work with them and plan for the future, building healthcare

systems that are stronger and more resilient. You can become a Champion of Change by signing up to a regular gift.

Partner Perspectives

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many lives were lost, and mental health related issues continue to rise, with people living in fear of recurrent infection. The loss of livelihood has also pushed many into poverty.

Dr Saira Paulose, India

EMMS International is grateful for the generosity of its supporters through recent global challenges. All the same, last year we had to use reserves to help our partners through this crisis and this isn’t sustainable. We need to step up together.

We’re asking you to continue to stand together with us in support of those whose stories do not hit the headlines, but who are feeling the growing impact of this perfect storm of conflict, cost of living, climate change and coronavirus.

My gift to help weather the storm

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