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Picture: The new speedboat ambulance donated by CMMT, drastically reducing journey times to hospital

Crisis on Lake Malawi

Malawi is a country in crisis. People living on the shore of Lake Malawi are living in real danger. Many remote communities have no road access and little access to healthcare.

Every day, people in the poorest and most isolated communities on Lake Malawi face a life or death health crisis.

Grace, 22 and pregnant, lives in a very remote village with no road access. She faced a life-or-death situation while in labour. With a ruptured uterus, she needed emergency medical attention.

Grace arrived on one of the few days when Nurse Dorothy was present at her nearest clinic. Thanks to Dorothy’s training, she was able to diagnose the problem swiftly. Dorothy knew Grace needed urgent hospital treatment and supported her on the arduous journey.

Reaching hospital took a grueling 8 hours, including a slow motor boat ride on the choppy lake. It was unlikely that Grace or her twin babies would survive at all. However, thanks to the incredible healthcare and compassion given by Dorothy, Grace was able to get to hospital, to deliver her twins safely and miraculously survived this trauma. Tragically, many others are not so fortunate.

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