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Every girl matters. Every girl deserves the opportunity of education and the chance to pursue her own ambitions. But not every girl has that chance. Sunita*, in Nepal, didn’t have that opportunity.


With your donation doubled by the UK government until 19th February, you can help change this. Together we have the chance to improve access to quality healthcare, lift the burden of care from young carers and restore the opportunity of an education. With their loved ones well cared for, 1,646 young carers can return to school and enjoy the hope education brings for them and their communities.


Sunita matters. She has her dreams and aspirations for the future that rest on her finishing school and going to college.


‘I’ve lost my dreams and my future.’

This is how 16-year-old Sunita describes her life after sickness and poverty have taken their toll on her family.


Less than a year ago, Sunita was in school, protected and cared for by her family. She enjoyed school and studied hard to make the most of it.


The burden of unpaid care in Nepal

Things hadn’t been easy with her mother living with long-term disability. Then her father began to lose the feeling in his legs. He had brought stability to their family, but a cancer diagnosis and subsequent chemotherapy failed to restore his strength.


In a village near Pokhara, out of reach of the country’s limited health services, the family were doing all they could to care for one another.


Sunita’s family had tried hard to protect her education and her future, but now there was no choice. She began to miss school; she fell behind and was unable to sit exams. It wasn’t long before she was a full-time carer. 


Sunita bore these huge responsibilities alone until she learned of the palliative care team at Green Pastures Hospital, EMMS International’s local partner. Nurse Manju and her team came alongside Sunita and lifted the burden of care from her young shoulders. Her mother and father are now both supported by the hospital and getting the specialist care they need.

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Building care, protecting girls' education

Nurse Manju not only helped care for her family but also showed Sunita the opportunities that an education can bring.


Sunita has hope again, realising that her dream of education and a future are not lost. She is excited about this opportunity and spurred on by the example of Nurse Manju. She’s eager to sit her exams so that she can go on to college. Without the massive burden of caring for two family members, this is all possible. 


Sunita is not alone, 1,646 young carers in rural western Nepal are also kept from school and their childhood by caring responsibilities at home. With your help, more young carers like Sunita will be able to return to school safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are receiving the care they need.


Your gift of £32 will provide specialist care for those who need it most in Nepal, lifting the burden of care from a generation of girls like Sunita, restoring their hopes for the future. Until 19th February 2021, your donation will be matched, pound for pound, by the UK government [ link to how UK aid match works page] so that more people get access to quality healthcare and to show that every girl matters.


How does your donation help in Nepal?

  • Your gift of £8.50 trains a family member or neighbour to give quality care at home.

  • Your gift of £16 provides PPE for a community healthcare worker. 

  • Your gift of £32 provides professional care at or near home for a family fighting sickness and poverty. 

  • Your gift of £116 helps a girl stay in school and get the education she deserves. 


Thanks to match funding from the UK government, your donation reaches even further, caring for more families and showing even more girls that their lives matter.


*Names and some images are changed to protect identity.

My gift to show that every girl matters

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