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Edinburgh Partnership Spreads Warmth and Kindness this December

Updated: Jan 24

Sustainable style, homeware and gifting brand TBCo has announced that it will donate 1% of every purchase made during December to EMMS International, Scotland’s international healthcare charity.

As part of its Positive Impact Pledge, TBCo chooses to donate from its annual revenue rather than profit, “making the world a little warmer with each blanket, scarf and gift”.

TBCo products including stockings hanging on a mantlepiece and blankets in a basket

EMMS International collaborates with partners in some of the world’s poorest communities, improving healthcare and reducing inequality to ensure that families, who are living in poverty, receive the food, water, healthcare and support that they so desperately need.

Both TBCo and EMMS International are based in Edinburgh, and share the ethos of giving back, compassion and kindness. To that end, EMMS has recently launched a project in the partners’ home city, providing dementia day-care and warm meals for people who are living in poverty.

Man smiling, having a glass of water with a lady

Together, TBCo and EMMS International, hope to bring warmth, care and community, to families in Edinburgh and the world’s poorest communities this Christmas.

TBCo and EMMS International share a passion for protecting the environment and supporting communities whose fragile health services are struggling due to the impact of climate change.

Recycled wool sourced by TBCo comes from sustainable partner mills in countries such as India, and the company’s B Corp certification ensures it is meeting high standards of social and environmental impact.

Also partnering with teams in India, EMMS International is raising funds to support The Duncan Hospital Centenary Vision in Bihar. The hospital will no longer have to face soaring energy costs, by switching largely to solar power. Training and employment in healthcare will be offered to vulnerable women and girls, supported by a brand-new College of Nursing and student accommodation.

Nurse in Bihar caring for a young girl in a hospital bed

In the last 7 years, EMMS International has helped over 1 million people living in poverty in India, Nepal, Malawi and the UK, and has trained 3,483 local health workers.

EMMS International’s Director of Development and Communications, Laura Brown, says: “The support from TBCo comes at a time when many families in our partner countries are really struggling with poverty and a lack of basic healthcare.

“These funds will support us in our efforts to break the cycle of poverty and injustice by creating stronger health services and giving individuals power over their own lives by providing them with an education to earn a living. We are hugely grateful for the help of TBCo and its customers”.


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