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Dementia Care

The cost-of-living crisis is seriously affecting families in the UK, where dementia is causing isolation and loneliness.

EMMS International is supporting projects that provide free food, care and therapeutic activities to dementia patients and their families within their communities in Scotland. Albert, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia at the age of 78, attends a weekly community lunch near his home in Edinburgh:

“I was isolated at home on my own and this didn’t help with worrying and overthinking. I was worried about my future and how I would cope. I felt that I had nowhere to turn. I am now connected within my community and have made lots of new friends. I can stay at home for longer. I’m happy and enjoying life again. My outlook has changed so much since my diagnosis, all because of the Day Service that I attend.”

EMMS International also works with its palliative care partners Nepal, Malawi, India, Rwanda and Zambia, who support patients who face the dual challenges of dementia and other life-limiting illnesses. 


In Pokhara, Nepal, Hartaj is being treated for stomach cancer. The effects of dementia also meant he faced confusion, anxiety, and fear, causing him to feel increasingly isolated and lonely. Our partner's Palliative Care Team visited Hartaj at his home, organising virtual meetings with relatives far away and playing his favourite music, bringing him moments of pleasure. When his worsening dementia made it difficult for Hartaj to manage living alone at home, the team supported him in transferring to a care home, ensuring his safety and well-being.

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