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Fiona's Birthday Bike Ride Challenge

Fiona has been supporting EMMS for many years - 28 to be precise - since preparations began for the first sponsored Bike Ride (through the biblical kingdom of David from Dan to Beersheva). Another ride took her from Galilee to Aqaba in 1996. In 2011 she took the opportunity to go back to Malawi and cycled from Nchisi to Livingstonia.

For her birthday this year, she set herself another challenge - to return to Malawi in spirit and cycle the equivalent ride during the month of June. She cycled 450 miles in June and smashed her fundraising target of £500.

Fiona’s Facebook Diary

3 June

Lot of activity tonight on Cramond foreshore. Seven emergency vehicles including the sand buggy which went speeding off over the sand to the east side of the island. Tide was very low.....but not for long!

8 June

Not sure if you can stravaig on a bike but that is what I was doing this morning - just because you can quite safely at the moment. George Street, Princes Street, West End, the Galleries of Modern Art, then back along the Water of Leith.

14 June

Nicer than it looks for my ride this morning. That is Inchkeith in the mist!! It wasn't raining and the temp has risen. Spot the heron in the tree! Bit behind with my challenge but have clocked over 75 miles in June.

10 June

Scottish summer weather. Thought I might catch the break in the rain but it was a drizzle all the way and a wee downpour just before I got home. Need windscreen wipers for my glasses!

Nice to see some boats back in the water at Cramond and plenty of water in the weir again.

26 June

Welcome to the access to the foreshore at West Granton Road. The poppies are trying their best but really what does this say. Surely the bins on busy thoroughfares should be emptied EVERY morning.

Even without the rubbish this is a very badly designed, dangerous access to a cycleway. 😖

30 June

Lovely morning for the final 14 miles to complete my birthday challenge - 450 miles on the clock (225 in May).

Photos are at Cramond Brig.

What will your challenge be?

For those of you who have been inspired by Fiona's socially-distant fundraising, we'd like to invite you to take on your own cycle challenge. A one-day epic or a month-long marathon, you decide. Find out more and start making your plans today.


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