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The Stamp Bureau, which collects and sells stamps to help raise funds, is another way in which you can help save and transform lives. All donations of stamps are gratefully received by our volunteers.

Some advice from our volunteers on donating stamps:

  • We accept all stamps from the UK, particularly high value and pictorial stamps and all overseas stamps.
  • It helps us if you would cut them from the envelope, ensuring that approximately 1cm, or half an inch, of paper is left all round.
  • Please be careful when you remove the stamps as damaged ones have little or no value.

As well as accepting used, and mint condition, stamps EMMS International will also accept old stamp albums and collections that may have been lying in a drawer or cupboard. These are sold to collectors or auctioned to raise funds. Collectors are always pleased to see old, rare or unusual stamps. If you, or members of your family, have old albums then please consider sending them to us.

You can send stamps to us by post, or bring them to our office in Edinburgh. You can find full address and contact details on the Contact Us page, which you can also use if you have any queries related to the Stamp Bureau.