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Published 05 Jul 2016

The summer months see several students spend time abroad in mission hospitals in low income countries supported by EMMS International’s Student Elective Bursary Scheme. Thanks to generous funding from the St Lazarus Charitable Trust, bursaries of up to £1,000 have been awarded to 10 medical, dental and nursing students. The calibre of student applying was high, and it is unfortunate that not all 39 who applied could be helped.

Rachel McGalliard, Emma Stewart and Ruth Bunting are all medical students who have already travelled to work in hospitals in Malawi.

During July, Sarah Taylor who is studying dentistry will travel to Peru while Jodie Barnes and Lydia Henwood, both medical students will travel to Nepal. Also during July medical students, Sam Steen and Katherine Cruickshank, will travel to Tanzania while another medical student - Kazim Ghafoor will travel to Malawi.

During August, Jennifer Gotchkane, a nursing student will travel to Nepal.

Prayer Points

  • Thank God for the passion and willingness to learn and travel these students have.
  • Pray for the safety of these students, that they would know God's presence and peace as they embark on this experience of a lifetime.
  • Pray for the logistics of travel and work, that they would know God's provision throughout this experience. 
  • Pray that they would learn and grow in their faith and their professional skills.
  • Pray that they would positively impact the communities with whom they are staying. 
  • Pray that their hearts would be impassioned for the poor and marginalised and they would return with a fresh desire to work justly and compassionately.