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Published 26 Feb 2019

Malawi is a country in crisis. People living on the shore of Lake Malawi are living in real danger. Many remote communities have no road access and little access to healthcare.

People living along the lakeshore often live in grinding poverty, eking out an existence through subsistence farming. When healthcare crises occur, the only option is to seek help at a local health clinic, often without electricity or running water. Medical supplies can be limited, and the clinics are staffed sporadically.

Your generous support has already helped train local women as healthcare workers who stay to serve their own lakeshore community. You have also helped to provide better quality staff housing. You have enabled us to upgrade three health centres with running water and electricity and provided an ambulance speedboat and land ambulances to drastically reduce transport time to the nearest hospital for emergency cases.

Please pray:

  • For the work of Mulanje Mission Hospital and the areas affected by floods.
  • That the work of the speedboat ambulance would be able to reach more people who are in desperate need of healthcare.
  • For staff who work on the frontline of providing healthcare for strength and hope as they reach out to people in need.